Life, Love and Talmud in Medieval France

[ISBN] 9780452295681

Published by Penguin
U.S. $15.00 / $18.50 Can.

Book III: Rachel

Rachel is the youngest and most beautiful daughter of medieval Jewish scholar, Salomon ben Isaac, or “Rashi.” Her father’s favorite and adored by her new husband, Eliezer, Rachel’s life looks to be one filled with peaceful scholarship, security, and love. But events beyond her control will soon threaten everything she holds dear as the marauders of the First Crusade massacre nearly the entire Jewish population of Germany, and her beloved father suffers a stroke. Eliezer wants their family to move to the safety of Spain, but Rachel is determined to stay in France and help her family save the Troyes yeshiva, the only remnant of the great centers of Jewish learning in Europe.

“With only scraps of information about Rashi’s daughters, Anton has brought these three women to life. A stunning achievement. You will not be able to put this book down and you may even find yourself rushing off to study Talmud. So curl up in your favorite chair and savor every moment.”
--Judith Hauptman, Professor of Talmud and Rabbinic Culture, Jewish Theological Seminary; author of Rereading the Rabbis, A Woman’s Voice.

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